Get to know us

Get to know us

I set up statutory and advisory boards for medium-sized entities that want to break the glass ceiling into large businesses, mentor individuals who want to venture into Non-Executive Directorship and recruit non-executive board members. The strategy interventions I employ are fortified by the value of culture (organizational and personal). A company’s culture is the soul of the business.


The make or break of that culture is crafted in the boardroom, and that is where a business’ fate is determined. Culture supports the values that drive growth and development, high impact can be achieved if we are authentic in our ways, designing, and delivering bespoke strategic solutions for growth, and that is what drives me.

We employ our human and artificial knowledge to demonstrate clarity. We develop and reach a capacity for abstract logical thinking, understanding, self awareness, and reasoning for the best outcomes, in the solutions we deliver

We are thorough. We give due care and attention to all we do. We measure our efficiencies with reduced time spent in meetings and a greater focus on transferable value creations.

Good Governance is synonymous with openness in communication and accountability. We use intelligence to get things done, while equally protect the privacy of our clients’ information.


        Advisor to Board of Directors

         Delegation-of-authority manuals set-up

         Bench-marking governance practices

         Advise on shareholder agreements

         Advising on company group structures

         Advise on internal committee structures and delegations

         Design organizational governance matrices

         Succession planning

         Drafting of wills and codicils

         Product or Business Commercialisation Advisory

         King Code and Companies Act gap analysis

         Advise on Conscious Business Exit Strategies




Board Placements

Facilitate and Document Business Strategies

Business case / model Architecture

Map the strategic outcomes for Board and other committees’ workflow

Link the strategic outcomes to Board and organization performance plan

Company Secretary Services

         Designing bespoke governance frameworks

         Designing bespoke compliance frameworks

         Annual Integrated Reports

         Drafting Policies, Charters and Terms of Reference documents

         Designing Board annual plans that are aligned to company strategies

         Board and Committee mandate articulation

         Board and Committee effectiveness evaluations

         Directors’ Conflict of interest’s management

         Professional minute-taking services

         Drafting of meetings Notices, Proxy forms, and Agendas

         Compiling and circulating the meeting-packs to all members prior to the meetings

         All compliance activities

         Formation and maintenance of Trusts and all forms of Companies

         All CIPC Administration

         Memorandum of Incorporation

         PIAI Manuals


Board / Member Induction

Bespoke Governance Training

Directors’ powers and duties

Mentor and Coaching of Non-Executive Directors

Guide the process of organization values development

Align Organisation Governance framework to its culture and size

Conscious Corporate Culture Design (Soul of the entity)




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