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Get to know us

Corporate governance is commonly associated with preventing unethical practices and reducing risks such as legal disputes but, it is more than that. When used correctly, it is a tool that can build resilience in a company, enabling it to thrive beyond the tenure of its founders.


Although we may use the term ‘legacy’ and ‘inheritance interchangeably, creating a valuable asset requires intentional and strategic planning. This can enable the company to transition from a business designed to simply maintain a lifestyle, to a business that can be sold in the future.


A talented Company Secretary can hold the leaders’ hands as they make the transition, keeping an eye on the Value!

We use both human expertise and artificial intelligence to ensure that our solutions are clear and effective. By embracing self-development, we are empowered and subsequently empower our clients to gain the best possible outcomes.

We are thorough. We give due care and attention to all we do. We measure our efficiencies with reduced time spent in meetings and a greater focus on transferable value creation.

Tools and resources that facilitate and accelerate the scaling of business growth to surpass current limitations and propel growth. Through our SaaS product My Board Pod, we bring together a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in your sector, providing you with unparalleled insights and expertise to take your business to new heights.


Advisor to the Board of Directors

Delegation-of-authority manuals set-up

Bench-marking governance practices

Advise on shareholder agreements

Advise on company group structures

Advise on internal committee structures and delegations

Design organizational governance matrices

Succession planning

Drafting of wills and codicils

Product or Business Commercialisation Advisory

King Code and Companies Act gap analysis

Advise on Conscious Business Exit Strategies



Board Placements

Facilitate and Document Business Strategies

Business case/model Architecture

Map the strategic outcomes for Board and other committees’ workflow

Link the strategic outcomes to Board and organization performance plan


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Company Secretary Services

         Designing customized governance frameworks

         Designing customized compliance frameworks

         Annual Integrated Reports

         Drafting Policies, Charters, and Terms of Reference documents

         Designing Board annual plans that are aligned with company strategies

         Board and Committee mandate articulation

         Board and Committee effectiveness evaluations

         Directors’ Conflict of interest management

         Professional minute-taking services

         Drafting of meeting Notices, Proxy forms, and Agendas

         Compiling and circulating the meeting packs to all members prior to the meetings

         All compliance activities

         Formation and maintenance of Trusts and all forms of Companies

         All CIPC Administration

         Memorandum of Incorporation

         PIAI Manuals


Board/Member Induction

Bespoke Governance Training

Director’s powers and duties

Mentoring and Coaching of Non-Executive Directors

Guide the process of organization values development

Align the Organisation Governance Framework to its culture and size

Conscious Corporate Culture Design (Soul of the entity)

Financial literacy for non-finance terms




Take a quiz to gauge which exit strategy your business is geared for. That is,

  • building value that can be transferred to the next generation
  • a business you can sell
  • setting it up as a franchise OR
  • a lifestyle business



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